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January 2020


How Software Can Help Dentists

Being a dentist can be a real challenge at times. Although the job comes with many rewards, there are some struggles. For one, the responsibility of the job is enormous! Using high-tech software helps minimize much of the stress involved in running a dentist office. For example, using high-tech software can help dentists with some of the biggest stressors in dentistry, such as keeping patients’ information private and stored safely, as well as making sure that patient information is entered accurately in a timely manner. In this article, there will be an explanation of some of the software that one Tulsa emergency dentist uses to lower the stress level for him and his staff.

Many dentists must refer patients to other types of dentists, such as oral surgeons, for further treatment. This dentist is no exception, which is why he

Datacon Dental Systems

uses Dental Care Links system. The Dental Care Links system is specifically used to make the referral process faster and more efficient.

A second software that this emergency dentist uses is called Denticon. Denticon is used to report the findings of a visit, enter special information in a patient’s chart, and look at special x-rays in real time. One of the advantages of this technology software is that it comes with a task manager, A second advantage is that patient information can be easily accessed from any device within the cloud. Having easy access to records and charts on Denticon makes practicing dentistry much easier because, no matter what room a patient is assigned, as long as there is a computer in that room, their chart can be updated immediately by entering and changing information from anywhere in the office.

A third software that this dentist uses is Datacon Dental System. Datacon has functions available that make the financial part of the business more efficient, and less time-consuming. Datacon is designed for treatment planning, x-ray integration, financial reporting, accounting, and audit control. The advantages of Datacon include the ability to use the system on a Mac or PC system, and even on mobile devices.